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The "WOW" Factor

In an effort to keep things fresh and up-to-date we recently replaced and redesigned a bar display here in the showroom and once the dust settled the change "blue" our minds - literally. This intense cobalt blue is electric in our newest display and the photos here do not do it justice. The new display is bright, envigorating, exciting, artistic, and inspiring all in one. Check it out:

Our new bar display is comprised of select materials from a few of our manufacturers. The frameless cabinetry is by UltraCraft in a lovely Peppercorn finish featuring the Plantation door style. The cool Vetrazzo® countertop called "Cobalt Skyy®" is environmentally friendly and made with recycled Skyy® vodka bottles. We worked with our local Ceramic Matrix shop (thanks to Gina for her help) for this custom blended OceanCare glass backsplash combination called "Muse Blend Cadence". All of the parts came together and delivered every ounce of "WOW" we were looking for in this display.

You might be asking 'what is frameless cabinetry?' Originally designed in Europe after World War II, frameless cabinetry was designed to eliminate the need for trim boards and full front face frames which allows easier access to the interior of the cabinets. Frameless cabinets offer more internal storage space which is particularly useful in a kitchen with limited cabinetry. How much more space? Some experts say a frameless cabinet offers 10 to 15% more space inside. The extra internal storage space earns another "WOW" in this display. Frameless cabinets are also very easy to adjust to your specific needs because shelves simply slide right in where a framed cabinet would require you to slide the shelves in diagonally and then adjust them into the correct position within the case. Frameless cabinetry also features a seamless appearance of the cabinets with no noticeable separations between each cabinet and this increases the visual appeal, asthetically speaking. When you see this display in person another great feature you notice right away is the mixed use of cabinetry styles. The center doors are metal, bifold lift-up doors with frosted glass inserts. This bar is urban, chic, modern, and transitional due largely to those unique metal doors. These UltraCraft cabinets really have a lot of style.

The Vetrazzo countertop is something you don't see every day. Not familiar with Vetrazzo? From their website: "Recycled bottles and jars turns into a work of art creating a story in every surface. Vetrazzo contributes to the beauty of our built environment by manufacturing sustainable recycled glass countertops." Each piece of Vetrazzo is unique and the slab we have here is no exception. It truly is a work of art and the dazzling backsplash compliments the countertop beautifully. We tried many different samples but nothing came close to matching like this backsplash did.

The cool cobalt blue balances nicely with the peppercorn finish and stainless steel accents, don't you think? This display has all the "WOW" factor we were looking for - and so much more. Seeing is believing and this is something you really have to see in person to appreciate. Our showroom is open Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, plus a few hours on Saturday, too. We're conveniently located at 2275 J and C Boulevard, Naples, FL 34109 across the street from Rock Solid. We also offer other hours by appointment when you call us at (239) 631-5324.

~ Coastal Kitchen Interiors

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