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How to Prepare For a Kitchen (or Bathroom) Remodeling Job

Isn't it exciting to have your new kitchen or bathroom on its way to your home? So now what? What should you do to prepare for your upcoming remodeling job? Here's a short list of things for you to do before the remodeling gets underway.

  • Be prepared for the noise, dust, and mess plus lots of workers in your home during your remodeling job. Expect to see electricians, plumbers, cabinet installers, and countertop installers - just to name a few.

  • When your kitchen is inoperable you might consider going to a hotel, staying with family or friends, or going on vacation, and definitely plan to eat out. This might not seem to be the best time to spend money but it will help keep you sane during the process.

Gather supplies to pack your personal items. You will need boxes, newspapers, packing

materials, packing tape, masking tape, quart size and gallon size plastic storage bags and markers.

  • Pull out items that you use every day such as the coffee maker, tea kettle, pots, skillets,

mixing bowls, can openers, vegetable peelers, and cooking utensils. During the course of the remodeling project you will need these essentials. To make life easier, use disposable cups, plates and dinnerware. Set aside storage containers for leftovers, food storage bags, foil and plastic wrap. Also, make sure that you have cleaning supplies available.

  • Pack canned and boxed foods in categories such as breakfast food, canned goods, sauces, pastas, spices, baking supplies, drinks, pet food and cooking oils. Use low-sided open boxes to keep items organized and at-hand during the construction activity.

  • Collect items you use infrequently such as holiday dinnerware, specialized bake ware, punchbowls, platters, etc. Pack, mark and store these items in a closet or spare room. Set aside things you don’t use anymore for donation. Make a list and estimate the value before you take them to your local donation center. Throw out anything broken or unusable like old plastic storage ware. This is a great time to reduce clutter.

  • Pack eating utensils in the gallon size plastic storage bags. Use a separate bag each for knives, forks and spoons (easier to unpack these individual items once the kitchen is finished). Do the same with cooking utensils and small gadgets and keep similar items together.

  • Pack glassware and dinnerware carefully. Even though you are packing these items for a short period of time, things can get broken in the process of storing them. Wrap fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them and seal your boxes with tape. Mark the contents on the outside of each box.

  • Take down blinds, curtains, rods and wall decorations. Place the hardware in plastic storage bags and label with masking tape or directly on the bag. Secure the bag of hardware to the item it goes with, if possible. Clean and dust these items if you will be using them again in the remodeled kitchen. Take down pictures and wall hangings in adjacent rooms that can be knocked off the wall or damaged during the remodeling process.

  • Cover computer and electronics to protect from dust. You may also want to cover furniture in adjacent rooms that may be affected by dust from the construction area.

  • Protect your children and pets. Keep them both away from the work area, tools, and equipment. Children, dogs, and cats can be a danger to themselves and the work crew if they are underfoot.

  • Talk with your Kitchen Contractors. Your kitchen remodeling professional is the last word in advice and he knows exactly what you need to do with your project. Follow these general guidelines outlined here and talk to your contractor about the specifics of your remodeling project.

  • Final Thoughts: If you are not currently occupying the house when you are remodeling then this is no problem. For many, however, you have to make great changes to get what you want. Just know that the process is not forever and the changes you must undergo are sacrifices for a better home, great return on your investment, and a better place to cook and entertain. Be patient. The contractors are not trying to make your life miserable – they are there to make it better.

Shown above is a Wellborn kitchen - Melrose door style - white paint - beaded inset

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