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Our clients love us!

Our clients love us! How do we know?

Ooooh! What has the deliveryman brought to us today? We double checked the label just to make sure it was for us and it wasn't intended for someone as a birthday bouquet or something like that. No, it is addressed to Coastal Kitchen Interiors. Check!

So we opened the cellophane and what did we see....? Wow! Our clients really do love us! Actually they love their Shiloh kitchen but they do love us, too.

Thank you so much Lauretta and Doug! What a wonderful and tasty surprise!

Soon we hope to show off some photographs of their beautiful white kitchen. (Yes - white is THE most popular color right now, hands down.) They added a gorgeous hood from Shiloh much like the following photo, except in white, of course!

Stop by and see all we have to offer including beautiful hoods like this one from Shiloh. Plus we would be really happy to add you to our long list of clients who love us, too. Thanks again for the delicious bouquet Lauretta and Doug. We really appreciate it!

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