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What's Popular Now: Finish Color

Styles come and styles go.... what's old is new again, too. Our home decor has come a long way since the days of avocado green and harvest gold, don't you think?

So what's popular right now? Hands down the most popular finish in kitchens and bathrooms is white paint. Many homes with small kitchens are opting for all white to keep things simple and fresh. Don't forget - there are many shades of white so whether your preference is a cool white or a warm white, we've got you covered.

Larger kitchens are often showcasing two or three different finishes with the white cabinetry being the primary focus typically in the perimeter cabinets. The white cabinets harmonize nicely with the complementing colors and the color possibilities are endless!

A great feature of white paint is it accepts and shows off glazes and highlights so nicely. A glaze or highlight will change the color of paint ever so slightly and the glaze or highlight will "hang up" in the nooks and crannies of the door and drawer style. The photo below is of a Shiloh kitchen and the creamy white paint does have an accent glaze which is very easy to see. Check it out:

So what is the difference between a highlight and a glaze? Keep in mind that every manufacturer will have their own color choices and variations of highlights and glazes. Shiloh has this to say about their highlight: "The Highlight glaze is a more subtle glazing technique than our traditional glaze and is only available on painted finishes in select colors. The amount of Highlight material retained around doors, drawer fronts and other select components will vary from one piece to another." The photo below features Shiloh's two highlight colors, Cafe and Slate, which are applied and wiped off by hand.

Glaze, on the other hand, as defined by Shiloh is: "Our glazes are hand applied and wiped. This hand applied technique results in variation in amount of glaze material retained from piece to piece." Examples of Shiloh's glaze on white paint are shown on the following photograph:

With glaze and highlight options on white paint, the #1 kitchen cabinet color choice of white just became a huge color category with choices galore! Ever wonder how many different tones of what are available? Again, using Shiloh as the example manufacturer, here are two photos showing their variations on a white theme:

Let's add up the possibilities.... Shiloh cabinetry has five choices of white paint, four options of glaze on white paint, and two selections of highlight available on white paint.... virtually any color combination is possible just with this one company! You're sure to find your perfect white kitchen with all of these choices here at Coastal Kitchen Interiors. You should stop by and we can show you just how beautiful these finishes are in person.

Which would you rather have? This kitchen....

Or a kitchen like this....?

Give us a call today at (239) 631-5324 and we'll help you make that dream kitchen a reality!

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